Welcome to Living Lightly Inc, founded late in 2010 with the dream of helping bring harmony & balance into everyone's life and home.   I hope you'll journey with me as I build on this initial assortment of products that represent my finds and favorites. 

I have practiced yoga, which can be translated into 'union', in the San Francisco Bay Area since the mid 1970's.  Introduced originally and trained in the Iyengar Style of practice,  I now embrace more gentle and slow therapeutic yoga, and the sister practices of breath work and meditation. I believe that yoga has been a dominant tread that has made my life, state of mind and physical body work so well. 

While I love and embrace many other passions, including other forms of exercise,  travel, gardening, and dancing Argentine Tango (yes I'll add just a few tango outfits in time!) my state of mind is much more clear and settled and my body easily flexible and strong when I am consistently practicing yoga.  Even a short practice done regularly makes considerable difference in mood and energy for me.

I found myself taking a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training certification a few years ago to deepen my practice, with no intention of teaching.  Leaning about yoga and new therapeutic tools for my now aging body, has helped me through neck, shoulder, and hip injuries.  I began substituting for a well known teacher, Diane Valentine,  in Walnut Creek and discovered that students really appreciated the unique style of yoga that I had developed, which I call Living Lightly Yoga for Happier Bodies.  Next came a video for Neck and Shoulder relief and teaching 2 classes of my own at the Yoga Movement Center in Walnut Creek.

Living Lightly Yoga for Happier Bodies combines restorative poses(resting and breathing with blankets, bolsters, eye pillows to support the body), guided meditation and body awareness, slow & gentle stretching and opening movement, and finally practice of traditional yoga poses and delightful small flows (sets of progressions of poses that the now opened body can do).  It is very appropriate for older students and students who do not feel they need a high powered action class.

As Living Lightly gets its legs, I am adding support and information about ways to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  Toward that end we've begun to set up our Living Lightly Farms with backyard chickens, organic gardening, drip irrigation, composting and recycling.  We'll post photos and a blog about the hens and our growing gardens for you and we can begin to share enthusiasm and learn from each other.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and for your contributions.  Many of you are fellow teacher trainees, other yoga teachers I've met in workshops, yoga students, friends and family.  Feel free to give me a call with any questions, feedback or to arrange for me to bring a purchase to a class where we meet or over tea!

Namaste and smiles,